NOAA Circular 11-04

February 11, 2011
Subject: Reorganization – National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
To: Assistant Administrator for National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service Staff Office of the Under Secretary Administrative Delivery Points

Effective February 11, 2011, the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) is reorganized as follows:

The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:

EA0000 National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service E
EA1000 Chief of Staff E/CS
EA2000 International and Interagency Affairs E/IIA Division E/IIA
EA2100 Satellite Activities Branch E/IIA1
EA2200 Applications and Information Services E/IIA2 Branch E/IIA2
EA3000 Chief Financial/ E/CFO Chief Administrative Division E/CFO
EA3100 Budget Formulation and Planning Branch E/CFO1
EA3200 Budget Execution and Accountability Branch E/CFO2
EA3300 Management Operations and Analysis Branch E/CFO3
EA6000 Chief Information Division E/CIO
EA8000 Office of Space Commercialization E/OSC
EA9000 Commercial Remote Sensing E/LC Regulatory Affairs Division E/LC
EB0000 Office of Satellite and Product Operations E/SPO
EB1000 Mission Operations Division E/SPO1
EB1100 Operations Branch E/SPO11
EB1200 Support Branch E/SPO12
EB1300 Systems Branch E/SPO13
EB1400 Engineering Branch E/SPO14
EB1500 Information Technology Services Branch E/SPO15
EB2000 Wallops Command and Data Acquisition Station E/SPO2
EB2100 Operations Branch E/SPO21
EB2200 Support Branch E/SPO22
EB2300 Systems Engineering Branch E/SPO23
EB3000 Fairbanks Command and Data Acquisition Station E/SPO3
EB4000 NOAA Ice Center E/SPO4
EB5000 Satellite Products and Services Division E/SPO5
EB5100 Satellite Products Branch E/SPO51
EB5200 Satellite Analysis Branch E/SPO52
EB5300 Direct Services Branch E/SPO53
ED0000 Center for Satellite Applications and Research E/RA
Cooperative Research Programs Division E/RA1
ED1100 Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch E/RA11
ED1200 Advanced Satellite Products Branch E/RA12
ED1300 Satellite Climate Studies Branch E/RA13
ED2000 Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division E/RA2
ED2100 Satellite Calibration and Data Assimilation Branch E/RA21
ED2200 Environmental Monitoring Branch E/RA22
Operational Products Development Branch E/RA23
ED3000 Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division E/RA3
ED3100 Ocean Physics Branch E/RA31
ED3200 Ocean Sensors Branch E/RA32
ED3300 Marine Ecosystems and Climate Branch E/RA33
EF0000 National Climatic Data Center E/CC
EF1000 Global Climate Applications Division E/CC1
EF1100 Ingest and Analysis Branch E/CC11
EF1200 Product Development Branch E/CC12
EF1300 Paleoclimatology Branch E/CC13
EF2000 Remote Sensing and Applications Division E/CC2
EF2100 Operations Branch E/CC21
EF2200 Products Branch E/CC22
EF2300 Archive Branch E/CC23
EF3000 Climate Services and Monitoring Division E/CC3
EF3100 User Engagement and Services Branch E/CC31
EF3200 Data Access and Applications Branch E/CC32
EF3300 Climate Monitoring Branch E/CC33
EF4000 Support Services Division E/CC4
EF4100 Finance and Acquisition Branch E/CC41
EF4200 Information Technology Branch E/CC42
EF4300 Logistics Support Branch E/CC43
EG0000 National Oceanographic Data Center E/OC
EG1000 Marine Data Stewardship Division E/OC1
EG3000 Information Systems and Management Division E/OC3
EG4000 Library and Information Services Division E/OC4
EG5000 Ocean Climate Laboratory E/OC5
EG6000 National Coastal Data Development Center E/OC6
EH0000 National Geophysical Data Center E/GC
EH1000 Administrative Services Division E/GC1
EH2000 Solar and Terrestrial Physics Division E/GC2
EH3000 Marine Geology and Geophysics Division E/GC3
EH4000 Information Services Division E/GC4
EJ0000 Joint Polar Satellite Systems Office E/JP
EJ1000 Ground System Division E/JP1
EJ2000 Technical Division E/JP2
EJ3000 Budget Division E/JP3
EJ4000 Management Operations Division E/JP4
EK0000 Office of Systems Development E/OSD
EK1000 Satellite and Ground Systems Program E/OSD1
EK1100 Systems Engineering and Integration Division E/OSD11
EK1200 Advanced Satellite Planning and Technology Division E/OSD12
EK1300 Ground Systems Division E/OSD13
EK1400 Program Definition Division E/OSD14
EK2000 Technology, Planning, and Integration for Observations Program E/OSD2
EK6000 Radio Frequency Division E/OSD6
EM0000 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series (GOES-R) Program Office E/GS
EM1000 Program Control Division E/GS1
EM2000 Program Systems Engineering Division E/GS2
EM3000 Flight Project Division E/GS3
EM4000 Ground Segment Project Division E/GS4

Organization Code Conversion

EA1000 54-40-01-0001-00-00-00-00 E/CS
EA3100 54-40-01-0003-01-00-00-00 E/CFO1
EA3200 54-40-01-0003-02-00-00-00 E/CFO2
EA3300 54-40-01-0003-03-00-00-00 E/CFO3
EA6000 54-40-01-0006-00-00-00-00 E/CIO
EA8000 54-40-01-0008-00-00-00-00 E/OSC
EA9000 54-40-01-0009-00-00-00-00 E/LC
EB1500 54-40-02-0001-05-00-00-00 E/SPO15
EB2300 54-40-02-0002-03-00-00-00 E/SPO23
EB4000 54-40-02-0004-00-00-00-00 E/SPO4
EB5000 54-40-02-0005-00-00-00-00 E/SPO5
EB5100 54-40-02-0005-01-00-00-00 E/SPO51
EB5200 54-40-02-0005-02-00-00-00 E/SPO52
EB5300 54-40-02-0005-03-00-00-00 E/SPO53
ED1100 54-40-04-0001-01-00-00-00 E/RA11
ED1200 54-40-04-0001-02-00-00-00 E/RA12
ED1300 54-40-04-0001-03-00-00-00 E/RA13
ED2100 54-40-04-0002-01-00-00-00 E/RA21
ED2200 54-40-04-0002-02-00-00-00 E/RA22
ED2300 54-40-04-0002-03-00-00-00 E/RA23
ED3200 54-40-04-0003-02-00-00-00 E/RA32
ED3300 54-40-04-0003-03-00-00-00 E/RA33
EF1300 54-40-06-0001-03-00-00-00 E/CC13
EF3300 54-40-06-0003-03-00-00-00 E/CC33
EF4300 54-40-06-0004-03-00-00-00 E/CC43
EJ0000 54-40-12-0000-00-00-00-00 E/JP
EJ1000 54-40-12-0001-00-00-00-00 E/JP1
EJ2000 54-40-12-0002-00-00-00-00 E/JP2
EJ3000 54-40-12-0003-00-00-00-00 E/JP3
EJ4000 54-40-12-0004-00-00-00-00 E/JP4
EK1100 54-40-09-0001-01-00-00-00 E/OSD11
EK1200 54-40-09-0001-02-00-00-00 E/OSD12
EK1300 54-40-09-0001-03-00-00-00 E/OSD13
EK1400 54-40-09-0001-04-00-00-00 E/OSD14
EM0000 54-40-11-0000-00-00-00-00 E/GS
EM1000 54-40-11-0001-00-00-00-00 E/GS1
EM2000 54-40-11-0002-00-00-00-00 E/GS2
EM3000 54-40-11-0003-00-00-00-00 E/GS3
EM4000 54-40-11-0004-00-00-00-00 E/GS4
EA4000 54-40-01-0004-00-00-00-00 E/MO
EA7000 54-40-01-0007-00-00-00-00 E/EIS
EB2010 54-40-02-0002-00-01-00-00 E/SO2X1
EB2210 54-40-02-0002-02-01-00-00 E/SO221
EB2220 54-40-02-0002-02-02-00-00 E/SP222
EB2230 54-40-02-0002-02-03-00-00 E/SP223
EC0000 54-40-03-0000-00-00-00-00 E/SP
EC1000 54-40-03-0001-00-00-00-00 E/SP1
EC1100 54-40-03-0001-01-00-00-00 E/SP11
EC1300 54-40-03-0001-03-00-00-00 E/SP13
EC2000 54-40-03-0002-00-00-00-00 E/SP2
EC2200 54-40-03-0002-02-00-00-00 E/SP22
EC2300 54-40-03-0002-03-00-00-00 E/SP23
EC3000 54-40-03-0003-00-00-00-00 E/SP3
EL0000 54-40-10-0000-00-00-00-00 E/IP
EL1000 54-40-10-0001-00-00-00-00 E/IP1
EL2000 54-40-10-0002-00-00-00-00 E/IP2
EL3000 54-40-10-0003-00-00-00-00 E/IP3
EL4000 54-40-10-0004-00-00-00-00 E/IP4
EL5000 54-40-10-0005-00-00-00-00 E/IP5
EL6000 54-40-10-0006-00-00-00-00 E/IP6



Sandra M. Manning
Director, Workforce Management Office