NOAA Circular 10-07

July 21, 2010

Subject: Reogranization - National Marine Fisheries Service
To: National Marine Fisheries Service Assistant Administrator
Staff Offices of the Under Secretary
Administrative Delivery Points

Effective 2 August 2010, the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) is reorganized as follows:

  1. consolidate the fisheries Biology and StocK Assessment Division and the Fisherry Monitoring and Socioeconomics Division into one division named Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division
  2. establish Fisheries Biology and StocK Assessment Branch and the Fihseries Monitoring Branch in the Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division.

The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:

NOAA Organization Code Organization Title Mail Routing Code
FT7000 Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center F/PIC
FT7100 Operations, Management and Information Division F/PIC1
FT7200 Coral Reef Ecosystem Division F/PIC2
FT7300 Ecosystem and Oceanography Division F/PIC3
FT7400 Fishery Biology and Stock Assessment Division F/PIC4
FT7500 Fishery Monitoring and SocioEconomics Division F/PIC5
FT7600 Protected Species Division F/PIC6
FT7700 Fisheries Research & Monitoring Division F/PIC7
FT7701 Fisheries Biology & Stock Assessment Branch F/PIC71
FT7702 Fisheries Monitoring Branch F/PIC72
FT7700 54-30-71-0007-00-00 00-00 F/PIC7
FT7701 54-30-71 0007-01-00-00 00 F/PIC71
FJT7702 54-30-71 0007-02-00-00 00 F/PIC72
FJ:'7400 54-30-71-0004-00-00-00-00 F/PIC4
FT7500 54-30-71-0005-00-00-00-00 F/PIC5


Sandra R. Manning
Acting Director for Workforce Management Office
Workforce Management Office