NOAA Circular 10-04

March 24, 2010

Subject: Realignment -The Office of Chief Administrative Officer
To: Office of the Under Secretary Staff Offices of the Under Secretary Administrative Delivery Points

Effective March 28, 2010, the Office of Chief Administrative Officer, Real property, Facilities and Logistics Office is realigned as follows: 1) establish the Facilities Operations Division and 2) the Building Management Branches previously under the Logistics Division are realigned to the newly established Facilities Operations Division.

The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:

Organization Code Organization Title Mail Routing Code
AJ5700 The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer 80U57
AJ5701 Real Property, Facilities and Logistics Office 80U57001
AJ5710 Logistics Operations Division 80U57011
AJ5711 Personal Property Management Branch 80U57111
AJ5712 Logistics Management Branch 80U57112
AJ5713 Warehouse Management Team (NCR) SOU57113
AJ5720 Real Property Management Division SOU57120
AJ5721 Eastern Region SOU57121
AJ5722 Western Region SOU57122
AJ5730 Project Planning and Management Division S0U57130
AJ5731 Eastern Region S0U57131
AJ5732 Western Region SOU57132
AJ5740 Facilities Operations Division S0U57140
AJ5741 Building Management Team (Norfolk) SOU57114
AJ5742 Building Management Team (Kansas City) SOU57115
AJ5743 Building Management Branch (Boulder) S0U57116
AJ5744 Building Management Branch (Seattle) S0U57117
AJ5745 Building Management Branch (NCR) S0U57118


NOAA Code Personnel System Code
AJ5740 54-06-57-0001-04-00
AJ5741 54-06-57-0001-04-01
AJ5742 54-06-57-0001-04-02
AJ5743 54 06-57-0001-04-03
AJ5744 54-06-57-0001 04-04
AJ5745 54-06-57-0001 04-05


Eduardo J. Ribas
Director for Workforce Management Office
Workforce Management Office