NOAA Circular 10-02

February 12, 2010

Subject: Reorganization – The Office of the Chief Financial Officer
To: Office of the Under Secretary Staff Offices of the Under Secretary Administrative Delivery Points

Effective February 14, 2010, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer is reorganized as follows: 1) establish Western Operations Branch, 2) rename Contracts and Purchase Branch to Eastern Operations – Commercial Branch, 3) rename Travel and Government Branch to Eastern Operations – Government Branch.

The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:

Organization Code Organization Title Mail Routing Code
AJ2000 The Office of the Chief Financial Officer SOU2
AJ2100 Finance Office/Comptroller SOU2100
AJ2110 Administrative Services Group SOU2110
AJ2120 Financial Reporting Division SOU2120
AJ2121 Funds Management Branch SOU2121
AJ2122 Financial Statements Branch SOU2122
AJ2123 General Ledger Reporting Branch ORF, PAC SOU2123
AJ2124 General Ledger Reporting Branch Cross Service, Other SOU2124
AJ2130 Financial Policy and Compliance Division SOU2130
AJ2140 Accounting Operations Division SOU2140
AJ2141 Eastern Operations – Government Branch SOU2141
AJ2142 Eastern Operations – Commercial Branch SOU2142
AJ2143 Receivables Branch SOU2143
AJ2144 Certification and System Support Branch SOU2144
AJ2145 Western Operations Branch SOU2145
AJ2151 Requirements Branch SOU2151
AJ2152 Systems Administration Branch SOU2152
AJ2153 Systems Integrity Branch SOU2153
AJ2154 Client Services Branch SOU2154
AJ2155 Special Projects Staff SOU2155
AJ2156 Software Support Branch SOU2156
AJ2160 Field Financial & Client Services Division SOU2160
AJ2200 Budget Office SOU2200
AJ2210 Budget Formulation & Analysis Division SOU2210
AJ2220 Budget Integration Division SOU2220
AJ2230 Budget Execution & Operations Division SOU2230
AJ2240 Budget Outreach & Communications Division SOU2240
AJ2250 Corporate Financial Management Division  


NOAA Code Personnel System Code Mail Routing Code (N/A)
AJ2145 AJ2145


Eduardo J. Ribas
Director for Workforce Management Office
Workforce Management Office