NOAA Circular 05-19 November 23, 2005

SUBJECT: Reorganization The Office of Human Resources

TO: Office of the Under Secretary

Staff Office of the Under Secretary

Administrative Delivery Points



Effective November 27, 2005, the Office of Human Resources, formerly under the Office of the Finance and Administration, is reorganized and established within the Staff Offices of the Under Secretary.

This Circular supersedes NOAA Circular 05-07 dated July 21, 2005, which is hereby revoked.


The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:





AJ4000 The Office of Human Resources SOU4

AJ4000 Office of the Director SOU4

AJ40W1 Boulder SOU40011

AJ40W2 Kansas City SOU40012

AJ40W3 Norfolk SOU40013

AJ40W4 Seattle SOU40014

AJ40W5 Silver Spring SOU40015

AJ4011 Workforce Management Business Office SOU4011

AJ411W Boulder SOU40111

AJ412W Kansas City SOU40112

AJ413W Norfolk SOU40113

AJ414W Seattle SOU40114

AJ415W Silver Spring SOU40115

AJ4012 Executive Resources Program Office SOU4012

AJ41W1 Boulder SOU40121

AJ41W2 Kansas City SOU40122

AJ41W3 Norfolk SOU40123

AJ41W4 Seattle SOU40124

AJ41W5 Silver Spring SOU40125

AJ4100 Workforce Management Policies and

Program Management Office SOU4100

AJ4101 Boulder SOU4101

AJ4102 Kansas City SOU4102

AJ4103 Norfolk SOU4103

AJ4104 Seattle SOU4104

AJ4105 Silver Spring SOU4105

AJ4200 Corporate and Strategic Human

Capital Initiatives Office SOU4200

AJ4201 Boulder SOU4201

AJ4202 Kansas City SOU4202

AJ4203 Norfolk SOU4203

AJ4204 Seattle SOU4204

AJ4205 Silver Spring SOU4205

AJ4300 Workforce Management IT Systems Office SOU4300

AJ4301 Boulder SOU4301

AJ4302 Kansas City SOU4302

AJ4303 Norfolk SOU4303

AJ4304 Seattle SOU4304

AJ4305 Silver Spring SOU4305

AJ4400 Diversity Office SOU4400

AJ4401 Boulder SOU4401

AJ4402 Kansas City SOU4402

AJ4403 Norfolk SOU4403

AJ4404 Seattle SOU4404

AJ4405 Silver Spring SOU4405

AJ4500 Client Services Office SOU4500

AJ4W01 Boulder SOU45001

AJ4W02 Kansas City SOU45002

AJ4W03 Norfolk SOU45003

AJ4W04 Seattle SOU45004

AJ4W05 Silver Spring SOU45005

AJ4510 OAR/NESDIS Client Services Division SOU4510

AJ4W11 Boulder SOU45110

AJ4W12 Kansas City SOU45120

AJ4W13 Norfolk SOU45130

AJ4W14 Seattle SOU45140

AJ4W15 Silver Spring SOU45150

AJ4511 Time and Attendance Branch SOU4511

AJ45W1 Boulder SOU45111

AJ45W2 Kansas City SOU45112

AJ45W3 Norfolk SOU45113

AJ45W4 Seattle SOU45114

AJ45W5 Silver Spring SOU45115

AJ4520 NMFS Client Services Division SOU4520

AJ4W21 Boulder SOU45210

AJ4W22 Kansas City SOU45220

AJ4W23 Norfolk SOU45230

AJ4W24 Seattle SOU45240

AJ4W25 Silver Spring SOU45250

AJ4530 NOS/NMAO Client Services Division SOU4530

AJ4W31 Boulder SOU45310

AJ4W32 Kansas City SOU45320

AJ4W33 Norfolk SOU45330

AJ4W34 Seattle SOU45340

AJ4W35 Silver Spring SOU45350

AJ4540 NWS Client Services Division SOU4540

AJ4W41 Boulder SOU45410

AJ4W42 Kansas City SOU45420

AJ4W43 Norfolk SOU45430

AJ4W44 Seattle SOU45440

AJ4W45 Silver Spring SOU45450

AJ4550 UNSEC Client Services Division SOU4550

AJ4W51 Boulder SOU45510

AJ4W52 Kansas City SOU45520

AJ4W53 Norfolk SOU45530

AJ4W54 Seattle SOU45540

AJ4W55 Silver Spring SOU45550

AJ4551 Benefits and Retirement Branch SOU4551

AJ451W Boulder SOU45511

AJ452W Kansas City SOU45512

AJ453W Norfolk SOU45513

AJ454W Seattle SOU45514

AJ455W Silver Spring SOU45515








AJ4000 54-06-04

AJ40W1 54-06-04-0000-00-00-00-01

AJ40W2 54-06-04-0000-00-00-00-02

AJ40W3 54-06-04-0000-00-00-00-03

AJ40W4 54-06-04-0000-00-00-00-04

AJ40W5 54-06-04-0000-00-00-00-05

AJ4011 54-06-04-0000-01

AJ411W 54-06-04-0000-01-00-00-01

AJ412W 54-06-04-0000-01-00-00-02

AJ413W 54-06-04-0000-01-00-00-03

AJ414W 54-06-04-0000-01-00-00-04

AJ415W 54-06-04-0000-01-00-00-05

AJ4012 54-06-04-0000-02

AJ41W1 54-06-04-0000-02-00-00-01

AJ41W2 54-06-04-0000-02-00-00-02

AJ41W3 54-06-04-0000-02-00-00-03

AJ41W4 54-06-04-0000-02-00-00-04

AJ41W5 54-06-04-0000-02-00-00-05

AJ4100 54-06-04-0001

AJ4101 54-06-04-0001-00-00-00-01

AJ4102 54-06-04-0001-00-00-00-02

AJ4103 54-06-04-0001-00-00-00-03

AJ4104 54-06-04-0001-00-00-00-04

AJ4105 54-06-04-0001-00-00-00-05

AJ4200 54-06-04-0002

AJ4201 54-06-04-0002-00-00-00-01

AJ4202 54-06-04-0002-00-00-00-02

AJ4203 54-06-04-0002-00-00-00-03

AJ4204 54-06-04-0002-00-00-00-04

AJ4205 54-06-04-0002-00-00-00-05

AJ4300 54-06-04-0003

AJ4301 54-06-04-0003-00-00-00-01

AJ4302 54-06-04-0003-00-00-00-02

AJ4303 54-06-04-0003-00-00-00-03

AJ4304 54-06-04-0003-00-00-00-04

AJ4305 54-06-04-0003-00-00-00-05

AJ4400 54-06-04-0004

AJ4401 54-06-04-0004-00-00-00-01

AJ4402 54-06-04-0004-00-00-00-02

AJ4403 54-06-04-0004-00-00-00-03

AJ4404 54-06-04-0004-00-00-00-04

AJ4405 54-06-04-0004-00-00-00-05

AJ4500 54-06-04-0005

AJ4W01 54-06-04-0005-00-00-00-01

AJ4W02 54-06-04-0005-00-00-00-02

AJ4W03 54-06-04-0005-00-00-00-03

AJ4W04 54-06-04-0005-00-00-00-04

AJ4W05 54-06-04-0005-00-00-00-05

AJ4510 54-06-04-0005-01

AJ4W11 54-06-04-0005-01-00-00-01

AJ4W12 54-06-04-0005-01-00-00-02

AJ4W13 54-06-04-0005-01-00-00-03

AJ4W14 54-06-04-0005-01-00-00-04

AJ4W15 54-06-04-0005-01-00-00-05

AJ4511 54-06-04-0005-01-01

AJ45W1 54-06-04-0005-01-01-00-01

AJ45W2 54-06-04-0005-01-01-00-02

AJ45W3 54-06-04-0005-01-01-00-03

AJ45W4 54-06-04-0005-01-01-00-04

AJ45W5 54-06-04-0005-01-01-00-05

AJ4520 54-06-04-0005-02

AJ4W21 54-06-04-0005-02-00-00-01

AJ4W22 54-06-04-0005-02-00-00-02

AJ4W23 54-06-04-0005-02-00-00-03

AJ4W24 54-06-04-0005-02-00-00-04

AJ4W25 54-06-04-0005-02-00-00-05

AJ4530 54-06-04-0005-03

AJ4W31 54-06-04-0005-03-00-00-01

AJ4W32 54-06-04-0005-03-00-00-02

AJ4W33 54-06-04-0005-03-00-00-03

AJ4W34 54-06-04-0005-03-00-00-04

AJ4W35 54-06-04-0005-03-00-00-05

AJ4540 54-06-04-0005-04

AJ4W41 54-06-04-0005-04-00-00-01

AJ4W42 54-06-04-0005-04-00-00-02

AJ4W43 54-06-04-0005-04-00-00-03

AJ4W44 54-06-04-0005-04-00-00-04

AJ4W45 54-06-04-0005-04-00-00-05

AJ4550 54-06-04-0005-05

AJ4W51 54-06-04-0005-05-00-00-01

AJ4W52 54-06-04-0005-05-00-00-02

AJ4W53 54-06-04-0005-05-00-00-03

AJ4W54 54-06-04-0005-05-00-00-04

AJ4W55 54-06-04-0005-05-00-00-05

AJ4551 54-06-04-0005-05-01

AJ451W 54-06-04-0005-05-01-00-01

AJ452W 54-06-04-0005-05-01-00-02

AJ453W 54-06-04-0005-05-01-00-03

AJ454W 54-06-04-0005-05-01-00-04

AJ455W 54-06-04-0005-05-01-00-05




54-01-14 54-01-14-0006-01

54-01-14-0001 54-01-14-0006-02

54-01-14-0002 54-01-14-0006-02-01

54-01-14-0003 54-01-14-0006-03

54-01-14-0004 54-01-14-0006-04

54-01-14-0005 54-01-14-0006-05

54-01-14-0006 54-01-14-0006-05-01




Eduardo J. Ribas

Eduardo J. Ribas

Director for Human Resources Management