NOAA Circular 02-17 Issued: September 26, 2002

SUBJECT:  Realignment - National Weather Service Headquarters
TO:       Assistant Administrator - National Weather Service
          Office of Finance and Administration
          Administrative Support Centers

Effective October 1, 2002, the NWS headquarters is realigned as 
follows: (1) the Headquarters Support Services Branch in the 
Management and Organization Division, Office of the Chief 
Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer (CFO/CAO) is 
abolished and its functions transferred to the Office of the 
Chief Information Officer (CIO); (2) the Data Dissemination 
Branch in the Telecommunication Operations Center, Office of 
Operational Systems (OPS) is transferred to the Maintenance, 
Logistics and Acquisition Division, OPS; and (3) the 
Telecommunication Operations Center and its remaining four 
branches are transferred to the Office of the Chief Information 

The revised organization and related code structures for the 
Offices of the CIO and CFO/CAO, and the OPS are as follows:

   CODE              ORGANIZATION TITLE     	        CODE   

 WA1000     Office of the Chief Financial Officer/      W/CFO
              Chief Administrative Officer
(WA1000)      Deputy Chief Financial Officer            W/CFOx1
 WA1100     Budget Formulation & Program Analysis Div.  W/CFO1
 WA1200     Comptroller Division                        W/CFO2
 WA1300     Management & Organization Division          W/CFO3
(WA1300)    Executive Affairs                           W/EA

 WA2000    Office of the Chief Information Officer      W/CIO
 WA2100    Telecommunication Operations Center          W/CIO1
 WA2110    Operations Support and Performance           W/CIO11
             Monitoring Branch
 WA2120    Telecommunication Gateway Operations Branch  W/CIO12
 WA2130    Telecommunication Software Branch            W/CIO13
 WA2140    Telecommunication Infrastructure Branch      W/CIO14

 WG0000    Office of Operational Systems                W/OPS
(WG0000)   Resource Management                          W/OPSx1
 WG0100    Maintenance, Logistics, and Acquisition Div. W/OPS1
 WG0110    Engineering and Acquisition Branch           W/OPS11
 WG0120    Maintenance Branch                           W/OPS12
 WG0130    Configuration Branch                         W/OPS13
 WG0140    Logistics Branch                             W/OPS14
 WG0150    Facilities Management Branch                 W/OPS15
 WG0170    Dissemination Systems Branch                 W/OPS17
 WG9160    National Reconditioning Center               W/OPS16
 WG9161    Technical Inspection and Material Reception  W/OPS161
 WG9162    Weather Systems Repair Branch                W/OPS162
 WG9163    NEXRAD Repair Branch                         W/OPS163
 WG9200    Field Systems Operations Center              W/OPS2
 WG9210    AWIPS Support Branch                         W/OPS21
 WG9220    Observing Systems Branch                     W/OPS22
 WG9230    Software Branch                              W/OPS23
 WG9240    Test and Evaluation Branch                   W/OPS24
 WG9400    Radar Operations Center                      W/OPS4
 WG9410    Operations Branch                            W/OPS41
 WG9420    Program Branch                               W/OPS42
 WG9430    Engineering Branch                           W/OPS43
 WG9440    Applications Branch                          W/OPS44
 WG9500    National Data Buoy Center                    W/OPS5
 WG9510    Engineering Branch                           W/OPS51
 WG9520    Operations Branch                            W/OPS52
 WG9530    Resources Branch                             W/OPS53



 NOAA				  NOAA				 


 WA2100  54-20-01-0002-01         WA2130  54-20-01-0002-01-03
 WA2110  54-20-01-0002-01-01      WA2140  54-20-01-0002-01-04
 WA2120  54-20-01-0002-01-02      WG0170  54-20-06-0000-01-07


 WA1310  54-20-01-0001-03-01      WG9330  54-20-06-0000-93-03
 WG9300  54-20-06-0000-93         WG9340  54-20-06-0000-93-04
 WG9310  54-20-06-0000-93-01      WG9350  54-20-06-0000-93-05
 WG9320  54-20-06-0000-93-02

Helen M. Hurcombe
Acting Deputy Chief Administrative Officer