NOAA Circular 01-04 Issued: September 13, 2001

SUBJECT:  Realignment - OAR Headquarters

TO:       Assistant Administrator - Office of Oceanic and
            Atmospheric Research
          Office of Finance and Administration
          Administrative Support Centers

Effective September 23, 2001, the organization code structure for 
the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research headquarters 
offices are renumbered to comply with the financial management 
center (FMC) designated identifier for CAMS.

The revised organization and related code structure is as 

   CODE              ORGANIZATION TITLE                 CODE    

  MA0000    Office of the Assistant Administrator       R
  MA0008    Science Advisory Board Staff                R/SAB
  MA6000    International Activities Staff              R/IA
  MA7000    Office of Weather and Air Quality           R/WA
  MA8000    Arctic Research Office                      R/ARC
  MA9000    Discretionary Fund

  MC0000    Office of Scientific Support                R/OSS
  MC0009    Research and Technology Applications Staff  R/OSS9
  MC1000    Atmospheric Sciences Team                   R/OSSx1
  MC2000    Climate Team                                R/OSSx2
  MC3000    Ocean Resources Team                        R/OSSx3
  MC4000    Coordination and Review Team                R/OSSx4
  MC5000    Joint Institutes Team                       R/OSSx5

  MHH000    Office of Management and Information        R/OM
  MHH100    Common Services                             
  MHH200    Management Organization Development         R/OMx2
  MHH300    Equal Employment Office                     R/OMx3
  MHH400    Information Management Division             R/OM4
  MHH500    Budget and External Affairs Division        R/OM5
  MHH510    Budget and Administrative Team              R/OM51
  MHH520    External Affairs Team                       R/OM52
  MHH600    Field Services Division                     R/OM6
  MHH610    Field Resources Team                        R/OM61
  MHH620    Field Operations Team                       R/OM62

  MM0000    Office of Research and Program Development  R/RPD
  MP0000    National Sea Grant College Program          R/SG
  MR0000    NOAA Undersea Research Program              R/NURP
  MT0000    Office of Global Programs                   R/OGP




 MA0000  54-50-01                 MHH100  54-50-10-0001
 MA0008  54-50-08                 MHH200  54-50-10-0002
 MA6000  54-50-01-0006            MHH300  54-50-11
 MA7000  54-50-01-0007            MHH400  54-50-12
 MA8000  54-50-01-0008            MHH500  54-50-13
 MA9000  54-50-01-0009            MHH510  54-50-13-0001
 MC0000  54-50-06                 MHH520  54-50-13-0002
 MC0009  54-50-09                 MHH600  54-50-14
 MC1000  54-50-06-0001            MHH610  54-50-14-0001
 MC2000  54-50-06-0002            MHH620  54-50-15
 MC3000  54-50-06-0003            MM0000  54-50-40
 MC4000  54-50-06-0004            MP0000  54-50-42
 MC5000  54-50-06-0005            MR0000  54-50-41
 MHH000  54-50-10                 MT0000  54-50-43


 MAA000  54-50-20                 MB2100  54-50-05-0002-01
 MA0010  54-50-01-0000-00-01      MB2200  54-50-05-0002-02
 MA0100  54-50-01-0000-01         MB3000  54-50-05-0003
 MA0200  54-5001-0000-02         MB3100  54-50-05-0003-01
 MA0300  54-50-01-0000-03         MB3200  54-50-05-0003-02
 MA0400  54-50-01-0000-04         MC0100  54-50-06-0000-01
 MB0000  54-50-05                 MC0200  54-50-06-0000-02
 MB0010  54-50-05-0000-00-01      MC0300  54-50-06-0000-03
 MB0100  54-50-05-0000-01         MC0400  54-50-06-0000-04
 MB0200  54-50-05-0000-02         MC0500  54-50-06-0000-05
 MB1000  54-50-05-0001            MC9000  54-50-06-0009
 MB1100  54-50-05-0001-01         MD0000  54-50-02
 MB1200  54-50-05-0001-02         ME0000  54-50-03
 MB2000  54-50-05-0002            MF0000  54-50-07

Stewart S. Remer
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer