NOAA Circular 99-12

September 10, 1999

Please file in the front of NOAA Organization Handbook, or NOAA Directives System Handbook I

SUBJECT: Reorganization - OAR


TO: Financial Management Centers, NOAA Staff Offices, and Office of Finance and Administration Divisions and Administrative Support Center Divisions

Effective October 1, 1999, the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research is reorganized. The organization and related code structure is as follows:

MAOOOO Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research R
MA0010 Discretionary Fund
MA0100 International Activities Staff R/IA
MA0200 Office of Weather and Air Quality R/WA
MA0300 Arctic Research Office R/ARC
MA0400 Science Advisory Board Staff R/SAB
MAAOOO Office of Research and Program Development R/RPD
MABOOO Aeronomy Laboratory R/AL
MACOOO Air Resources Laboratory R/ARL
MACIOO Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Div. R/ARL1
MAC200 Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division R/ARL2
MAC300 Field Research Division R/ARL3
MAC700 Special Operations and Research Division R/ARL7
MADOOO Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Lab R/AOML
MAEOOO Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory R/GFDL
MAFOOO Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab R/GLERL
MAGOOO National Severe Storms Laboratory R/NSSL
MAHOOO Pacific Marine Environmental Research Lab R/PNEL
MAJOOO Space Environment Center R/SEC
MALOOO Environmental Technology Laboratory R/ETL
MAMOOO Forecast Systems Laboratory R/FSL
MAPOOO Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Lab R/CMDL
MAP100 CMDL - Boulder R/CMDL1
MAP200 Mauna Loa Observatory R/CMDL2
MAP300 Barrow Observatory R/CMDL3
MAP400 Samoa Observatory R/CMDL4
MAP500 South Pole Observatory R/CMDL5
MAWOOO Climate Diagnostics Center R/CDC
MAXOOO OAR Research Laboratories R/RL
MBOOOO Office of Management and Information R/OM
MB0010 Common Services
MB0100 Management Organization Development R/OMxl
MB0200 Equal Employment Office R/OMx2
MB1000 Field Services Division R/OM1
MB1100 Field Resources Team R/OMll
MB1200 Field Operations Team R/OM12
MB2000 Budget and External Affairs Division R/OM2
MB2100 Budget and Administrative Team R/OM21
MB2200 External Affairs Team R/OM22
MB3000 Information Management Division R/OM3
MB3100 Management Information System Team R/OM31
MB3200 Networking Team R/OM32
MC0000 Office of Scientific Support R/OSS
MC0100 Atmospheric Sciences Team R/OSSxl
MC0200 Climate Team R/OSSx2
MC0300 Ocean Resources Team R/OSSx3
MC0400 Coordination and Review Team R/OSSx4
MC0500 Joint Institutes Team r/OSSx5
MC9000 Research and Technology Applications Div. R/OSS9
MDOOOO National Sea Grant College Program R/SG
MEOOOO NOAA Undersea Research Program R/NURP
MFOOOO Office of Global Programs R/OGP


MA0000 54-50-01 MAP500 54-50-31-0005
MA0010 54-50-01-0000-00-01 MAWOOO 54-50-32
MA0100 54-50-01-0000-01 MAXOOO 54-50-99
MA0200 54-50-01-0000-02 MBOOOO 54-50-05
MA0300 54-50-01-0000-03 MB0010 54-50-05-0000-00-01
MA0400 54-50-01-0000-04 MB0100 54-50-05-0000-01
MAAOOO 54-50-20 MB0200 54-50-05-0000-02
MABOOO 54-50-21 MB1000 54-50-05-0001
MACOOO 54-50-22 MB1100 54-50-05-0001-01
MAC100 54-50-22-0001 MB1200 54-50-05-0001-02
MAC200 54-50-22-0002 MB2000 54-50-05-0002
MAC300 54-50-22-0003 MB2100 54-50-05-0002-01
MAC700 54-50-22-0007 MB2200 54-50-05-0002-02
MADOOO 54-50-23 MB3000 54-50-05-0003
MAEOOO 54-50-24 MB3100 54-50-05-0003-01
MAFOOO 54-50-25 MB3200 54-50-05-0003-02
MAGOOO 54-50-26 MCOOOO 54-50-06
MAHOOO 54-50-27 MC0100 54-50-06-0000-01
MAJOOO 54-50-28 MC0200 54-50-06-0000-02
MALOOO 54-50-29 MC0300 54-50-06-0000-03
MAMOOO 54-50-30 MC0400 54-50-06-0000-04
MAPOOO 54-50-31 MC0500 54-50-06-0000-05
MAP100 54-50-31-0001 MC9000 54-50-06-0009
MAP200 54-50-31-0002 MDOOOO 54-50-02
MAP300 54-50-31-0003 MEOOOO 54-50-03
MAP400 54-50-31-0004 MFOOOO 54-50-07

MA1000 54-50-01-0001 MGBOOO 54-50-04-0001
MA2000 54-50-01-0002 MGCOOO 54-50-04-0002
MA3000 54-50-01-0003 MGC100 54-50-04-0002-01
MA4000 54-50-01-0004 MGC200 54-50-04-0002-02
MA5000 54-50-01-0005 MGC300 54-50-04-0002-03
MGAOOO 54-50-04 MGC700 54-50-04-0002-07
MGA100 54-50-04-0000-01 MGDOOO 54-50-04-0003
MGA500 54-50-04-0000-05 MGEOOO 54-50-04-0004
MGFOOO 54-50-04-0005 MGPLOO 54-50-04-0011-01
MGGOOO 54-50-04-0006 MGP200 54-50-04-0011-02
MGHOOO 54-50-04-0007 MGP300 54-50-04-0011-03
MGJOOO 54-50-04-0008 MGP400 54-50-04-0011-04
MGLOOO 54-50-04-0009 MGP500 54-50-04-0011-05
MGMOOO 54-50-04-0010 MGWOOO 54-50-04-0017
MGPOOO 54-50-04-0011 MGXOOO


Paul F. Roberts
Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Administrative Officer