NOAA Circular 99-03 February 22, 1999

Please file in the front of NOAA Organization Handbook, or NOAA Directives System Handbook I

SUBJECT: Reorganization - National Ocean Service
TO: Financial Management Centers, NOAA Staff Offices, and Office of Finance and Administration Divisions and Administrative Support Center Divisions

Effective February 28, 1999, the National Ocean Service is restructured as follows:

NA0000 National Ocean Service
NA0100 NOAA Coastal Service Center Nx3
(NA0100) Coastal Management Services Branch Nx31
(NA0100) Coastal Information Services Branch Nx32
(NA0100) Resource Management Services Branch Nx33
NA0200  Staff Office for International Programs N/IP
NA0300 Special Projects N/SP
NA0310 Integrated Planning Branch N/SP1
NA0320 National Communications Branch N/SP2
NA0330 National Coastal Assessments Branch N/SP3
NA0400 Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services N/OPS
NA0410 Requirements and Development Division N/OPS1
NA0420 Field Operations Division N/OPS2
NA0430 Products and Services Division N/OPS3
NA0440 Information Systems Division N/OPS4
NA2000 Management and Budget Office N/MB
NA2300 Resources Management Division N/MB3
NA2400 Information Management Division N/MB4
NA2500 Policy, Analysis & Communications Division N/MB5
ND0000 Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management N/ORM
ND3000 Coastal Programs Division N/ORM3
ND5000 Estuarine Reserves Division N/ORM5
ND6000 Marine Sanctuaries Division N/ORM6
ND6011 Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x11
ND6012 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x12
ND6013 Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x13
ND6014 Monitor National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x14
ND6015 Gerry E. Studds Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x15
ND6021 Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x21
ND6022 Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x22
ND6023 Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x23
ND6024 Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x24
ND6025 Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x25
ND6026 Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x26
ND6027 Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary N/ORM6x27
ND6100 Conservation Policy and Planning Branch N/ORM61
ND6200 National Programs Branch N/ORM62
ND6300 Stewardship development Branch N/ORM63
NJ0000 Office of Coast Survey N/CS
NJ1000 Coast Survey Development Laboratory N/CS1
NJ1100 Hydrographic Technology Programs N/CS11
NJ1200 Cartographic Technology Programs N/CS12
NJ1300 Oceanographic Programs N/CS13
NJ2000 Marine Chart Division N/CS2
NJ2001 Systems Support Group N/CS2x1
NJ2100 Product Branch A N/CS21
NJ2200 Product Branch B N/CS22
NJ2300 Product Branch C N/CS23
NJ2400 Product Branch D N/CS24
NJ2500 Product Branch E N/CS25
NJ2600 Nautical Data Branch N/CS26
NJ2700 Quality Assurance, Plans and Standards Br. N/CS27
NJ2800 Customer Affairs Branch N/CS28
NJ2900 Product Branch G N/CS29
NJ3000 Hydrographic Surveys Division N/CS3
NJ3001 Data Control Group N/CS3x1
NJ3100 Operations Branch N/CS31
NJ3200 Systems Support Branch  N/CS32
NJ3300 Atlantic Hydrographic Branch N/CS33
NJ3301 Computer Support Group N/CS33x1
NJ3310 Cartographic Section N/CS331
NJ3320 Atlantic Hydrographic Parties N/CS332
NJ3400 Pacific Hydrographic Branch N/CS34
NJ3401 Computer Support Group N/CS34x1
NJ3410 Cartographic Section N/CS341
NJ3420 Pacific Hydrographic Parties N/CS342
NK0000 Office of Aeronautical Charting and Cartography N/ACC
NK0100 Program and Production Management Staff N/ACCx1
NK0200 Requirements and Technology Staff N/ACCx2
NK1000 Aeronautical Chart Division N/ACC1
NK1100 Aeronautical Information Branch N/ACC11
NK1110 Data Evaluation Section N/ACC111
NK1120 Airspace Section N/ACC112
NK1130 Obstacle Evaluation Section N/ACC113
NK1200 Instrument Approach Procedures Branch N/ACC12
NK1210 Eastern Procedures Section N/ACC121
NK1220 Western Procedures Section N/ACC122
NK1300 Visual Chart Branch N/ACC13
NK1310 Eastern Chart Section N/ACC131
NK1320 Central Chart Section N/ACC132
NK1330 Western Chart Section N/ACC133
NK1400 Enroute Navigation Branch N/ACC14
NK1410 Special Compilation Section N/ACC141
NK1420 Enroute Eastern Section N/ACC142
NK1430 Enroute Western Section N/ACC143
NK1500 Aeronautical Chart Automation Branch N/ACC15
NK1510 Operations/Systems Section N/ACC151
NK1520 Applications/Development Section N/ACC152
NK2000 Reproduction Division N/ACC2
NK2010 Production Management Staff N/ACCx1
NK2020 Quality Assurance Section N/AC2x2
NK2200 Pre-Press Branch N/AC22
NK2210 Photographic Services Section N/ACC221
NK2220 Litho-Process Section N/ACC222
NK2230 Typographic Services Section N/ACC223
NK2240 Negative Engraving Section N/ACC224
NK2300 Presswork/Finishing Branch N/ACC23
NK2310 Presswork Section N/ACC231
NK2320 Finishing Section N/ACC232
NK3000 Distribution Division N/ACC3
NK3100 Inventory Management and Quality Assurance Branch N/ACC31
NK3200 Order Services Branch N/ACC32
NK3210 Accounting and Order Processing Section N/ACC321
NK3220 Agent Services Section N/ACC322
NK3230 Alaska Chart Sales and Distribution Office N/ACC323
NK3300 Customer Service and Program Support Branch N/ACC33
NK3310 Customer Service Section N/ACC331
NK3320 Program Support Section N/ACC332
NL0000 Office of National Geodetic Survey M/NGS
NL1000 Geodetic Services Division N/NGS1
NL1010 State Advisors Group N/NGS1x1
NL1100 Instrumentation and Methodologies Branch N/NGS11
NL1200 Information Services Branch N/NGS12
NL2000 Spatial Reference System Division N/NGS2
NL2100 Project Development Branch N/NGS21
NL2200 Global Positioning System (GPS) Branch M/NGS22
NL2300 Network Analysis Branch N/NGS23
NL3000 Remote Sensing Division N/NGS3
NL3100 Systems and Quality Assurance Division N/NGS31
NL3200 Requirements Branch N/NGS32
NL3300 Applications Branch N/NGS33
NL4000 Observation and Analysis Division M/NGS4
NL4100 Field Operations Branch N/NGS41
NL4110 Survey Section A N/NGS411
NL4120 Survey Section B N/NGS412
NL4130 Survey Section C N/NGS413
NL4140 Survey Section D N/NGS414
NL4150 Survey Section E N/NGS415
NL4200 Project Analysis Branch N/NGS42
NL4300 Records Management Branch N/NGS43
NL5000 Systems Development Division N/NGS5
NL5100 Network and System Administration Branch N/NGS51
NL5200 Geodetic Applications Branch N/NGS52
NL6000 Geosciences Research Division N/NGS6
NR0000 Office of Response and Restoration N/ORR
NR0100 Technical Support Group N/ORRx1
NR0200 Program Support Group N/ORRx2
NR1000 Hazardous Materials Response Division N/ORR1
NR2000 Coastal Protection and Restoration Division N/ORR2
NR3000 Damage Assessment Center N/ORR3
NR3100 Atlantic Coast Branch N/ORR31
NR3200 Pacific Coast Branch N/ORR32
NR3300 Gulf Coast Branch N/ORR33
NS0000 National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science N/SCI
NS1000 Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment N/SCI1
NS2000 Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research N/SCI2
NS3000 Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research at Beaufort N/SCI3
NS4000 Center for Coastal Env. Health and Biomolecular Research at Charleston N/SCI4




NA0300 54-10-01-0000-03 ND6025 54-10-04-0006-00-02-05
NA0310 54-10-01-0000-03-01 ND6026 54-10-04-0006-00-02-06
NA0320 54-10-01-0000-03-02 ND6027 54-10-04-0006-00-02-07
NA0330 54-10-01-0000-03-03 ND6100 54-10-04-0006-01
NA0400 54-10-01-0000-04 ND6200 54-10-04-0006-02
NA0410 54-10-01-0000-04-01 ND6300 54-10-04-0006-03
NA0420 54-10-01-0000-04-02 NR0000 54-10-12
NA0430 54-10-01-0000-04-03 NR0100 54-10-12-0000-01
NA0440 54-10-01-0000-04-04 NR0200 54-10-12-0000-02
NA5000 54-10-04-0005 NR1000 54-10-12-0001
NA6000 54-10-04-0006 NR2000 54-10-12-0002
NA6011 54-10-04-0006-00-01-01 NR3000 54-10-12-0003
ND6012 54-10-04-0006-00-01-02 NR3100 54-10-12-0003-01
ND6013 54-10-04-0006-00-01-03 NR3200 54-10-12-0003-02
ND6014 54-10-04-0006-00-01-04 NR3300 54-10-12-0003-03
ND6015 54-10-04-0006-00-01-05 NS0000 54-10-13
ND6021 54-10-04-0006-00-02-01 NS1000 54-10-13-0001
ND6022 54-10-04-0006-00-02-02 NS2000 54-10-13-0002
ND6023 54-10-04-0006-00-02-03 NS3000 54-10-13-0003
ND6024 54-10-04-0006-00-02-04 NS4000 54-10-13-0004




FN6600 54-30-0006-06 FN6710 54-30-30-0006-07-01
NA0500 54-10-01-0000-05 NH0110 54-10-08-0000-01-01
NA7000 54-10-01-0007 NH0120 54-10-08-0000-01-02
ND2000 54-10-04-0002 NH1000 54-10-08-0001
ND2010 54-10-04-0002-00-01 NH1100 54-10-08-0001-01
ND2100 54-10-04-0002-01 NH1200 54-10-08-0001-02
ND2200 54-10-04-0002-02 NH1300 54-10-08-0001-03
ND2210 54-10-04-0002-02-01 NH1400 54-10-08-0001-04
ND2220 54-10-04-0002-02-02 NH1500 54-10-08-0001-05
ND2230 54-10-04-0002-02-03 NH2000 54-10-08-0002
ND2240 54-10-04-0002-02-04 NH2100 54-10-08-0002-01
ND2300 54-10-04-0002-03 NH2200 54-10-08-0002-02
ND2310 54-10-04-0002-03-01 NH3000 54-10-08-0003
ND2320 54-10-04-0002-03-02 NH3010 54-10-08-0003-00-01
ND2330 54-10-04-0002-03-03 NH3100 54-10-08-0003-01
ND2340 54-10-04-0002-03-04 NH3200 54-10-08-0003-02
ND2350 54-10-04-0002-03-05 NJ3300 54-10-08-0003-03
ND2360 54-10-04-0002-03-06 NJ4000 54-10-09-0004
ND2400 54-10-04-0002-04 NJ4100 54-10-09-0004-01
ND2410 54-10-04-0002-04-01 NJ4200 54-10-09-0004-02
ND2420 54-10-04-0002-04-02 NJ4300 54-10-09-0004-03
ND4000 54-10-04-0004 NJ4400 54-10-09-0004-04
NH0000 54-10-08 NJ4500 54-10-09-0004-05
NH0100 54-10-08-0000-01


Paul F. Roberts
Chief Financial Officer/
Chief Administrative Officer