NAO 217-8: Employee Parking and Ridesharing Program

Effective 08/12/92 Reviewed Last: 12/22/2014

NOAA Circular 92-07

TO: All NOAA Employees in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area


.01 This Order prescribes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) policy for implementing the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR) on Federal Employee Parking and Ridesharing and Executive Order 12191, dated February 1, 1980.

.02 This Order is intended to ensure compliance with the Department of Commerce (DOC) Administrative Order (DAO) 217-8, Employee Parking and Ridesharing Program, dated January 1, 1985, and to provide:


01. This Order applies to:

.02 This Order does not apply to NOAA and contract employees assigned to facilities occupied and controlled by other agencies and are subject to those agencies' policies and procedures.


.01 Agency Parking. These are parking spaces under the control of a Federal agency which are used for parking Federal Government vehicles, other official vehicles, visitor vehicles, and employee vehicles.

.02 Carpool. These are two (2) or more people using a motor vehicle for transportation to and from work. Two-wheeled vehicles are excluded.

.03 Vanpool. A vanpool is eight (8) to fifteen (15) people using a specifically designed van to carry passengers for transportation to and from work in a single daily round trip. A vanpool excludes automobiles and buses.

.04 Employee Parking. Parking space assigned for the use of employee-owned vehicles other than those classified as “official parking.”

.05 Employee. Federal employees and contractor employees who are provided parking in Government-controlled space.

.06 Severely Handicapped Employee. An employee who has a severe, permanent impairment within the criteria established for handicapped certification under Section 4.02 of this Order.

.07 Official Parking. Parking spaces reserved for Government-owned or Government-leased vehicles or the privately-owned vehicles of Federal Judges and Members of the United States Congress.

.08 Parking Space. The area allocated in a parking facility for a passenger-carrying motor vehicle.

.09 Regular Member of a Carpool. A person traveling daily, with the exception of leave, in a carpool for a minimum distance of one (1) mile each way. In addition, an operating unit may require a regular member's worksite be located at a specific but reasonable distance from the parking facility. At least one (1) regular member of each carpool parking in agency-controlled space shall be a full-time agency employee.

.10 Visitor Parking. Spaces reserved for the exclusive use of visitors to Federal Government facilities who are conducting official United States Government business. Visitors include personnel from public or private organizations transacting periodic official business. Accommodations for handicapped visitors shall be provided.

.11 Shift Work and Weekend Duty. Scheduled duty hours established as a shift starting or ending outside of an agency's normal working hours including "swing" or "midnight" shifts but not including flextime, overtime, and compressed work hours such as a four (4) day work week.


.01 Parking Space Assignment Priorities.

a. Parking spaces in controlled facilities shall first be reserved for official needs of the Government in the following order of priority:

  1. government-owned or leased vehicles including motor pool vehicles and vehicles assigned for general use; and
  2. vehicles of patrons and visitors.

b. At locations where space is available for employee parking, each program office or executive responsible for operation of the facility shall reserve parking areas according to the following priorities:

  1. severely handicapped employees;
  2. executive personnel and employees working unusual hours in accordance with FPMR 101-20-117;
  3. car and van pools with four (4) or more occupants; and
  4. other car pools, space permitting.

c. Subject to the availability of secured space and facilities, areas shall be reserved for the parking of bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles. Bicycles shall be parked in the designated areas, not in offices. Bicycles shall not be transported on elevators or by stairways. Where parking permits are required, all motorized two-wheeled vehicles must display one.

.02 Severely Handicapped Justification and Certification.

a. Justification. An employee requesting a parking assignment as a severely handicapped employee under one or more of the criteria defined in Section 4.02b. of this Order shall first submit a memorandum of justification, accompanied by a medical statement from his or her physician stating the condition of the handicap, to the Facilities Management Division (FMD)(OA34); Procurement, Grants and Administrative Services Office; Office of Administration. FMD shall take appropriate steps to insure the confidentiality of the information submitted in support of the employee's request for handicap parking. This information shall be forwarded to the DOC's Medical Health Unit Physician for review and determination of eligibility. If the justification submitted by the employee does not satisfy the requirements outlined in Section 4.02b. of this Order, the employee shall be scheduled for an appointment with a medical contractor to provide an appropriate examination consistent with the highest standards of medical practice. The contractor shall submit results of examination to NOAA on each case which clearly represent certification or denial of permanent disability, as appropriate.

b. Certification. Certification of permanent disability by the medical contractor or other physicians including practicing physicians from the Veterans Administration and the Public Health Services as designated by the FMD shall be required prior to assignment of parking privileges. Eligible employees must meet at least one (1) of the following criteria including:

  1. a permanent loss of the use of one or both legs or both arms;
  2. a permanent mobility-impairment causing inability to move at any time without crutches, wheelchair, or other mechanical devices;
  3. a lung disease condition of less than one (1) liter of forced expiratory volume in one (1) second, when measured in liters by a spirometer;
  4. a permanent impairment of both eyes so that the central visual acuity is 20/200 or less in the better eye with corrective glasses or there is a field defect in which the peripheral field is contracted so that the widest diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance not greater than twenty (20) degrees in the better eye; (For these reasons the employee is unable to operate a car and is driven to work by another employee who parks his/her car in the agency's controlled parking facilities.) and
  5. a permanent disability which substantially impairs the person's mobility and prohibits or makes it unreasonably difficult to use public transportation.

c. Temporary Disabilities. Employees with conditions of temporary disability may be considered for two (2) week parking assignments if they meet the criteria in Section 4.02b. of this Order on a temporary basis. In the event additional assignment is provided, recertification will be required.

d. Appeal Procedure. In those cases where the medical contractor through the DOC and the Chief, FMD determine that the applicant does not meet the criteria in Section 4.02b. of this Order for assignment of handicapped parking, the applicant can choose to be reexamined by a board certified physician from a list provided by the Health Unit. The reexamination shall be based upon the criteria specified in subparagraph 4.02b. of this Order. The determination of the reexamining physician shall be binding. The expense of the reexamination is the applicant's. In cases where the agency's determination is reversed, the cost of reexamination shall be borne by the agency by reimbursement to the employee.

e. Application. The criteria and procedures set forth in Section 4.02 of this Order serve as guidelines for all locations in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Should additional guidance be necessary, the Chief, FMD should be contacted.

f. Fees for Handicapped Parking. Where an agreement with commercial management cannot be made for reduced fees for a handicapped employee, the employee shall pay the going rate. This shall be a uniform policy throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area work sites.

.03 Enforcement and Penalties for Misrepresentation.

a. A mandatory penalty of one (1) year suspension of the privilege of parking on a Federal facility shall be imposed for misrepresentation of carpooling membership, application qualification, or for violation of other agency parking regulations. Line Offices (LO) controlling parking for their employees may also impose appropriate administrative sanctions.

b. LOs having jurisdiction for management and use of employee parking facilities shall be responsible for enforcing the parking rules by reviewing and verifying employee parking applications and other control methods.

.04 Ridesharing Assistance.

Program Offices shall seek assistance from local, civic, and other government agencies including local employee transportation and ridesharing coordinators in order to help employees establish or join car/van pools and to help employees obtain effective public transportation.


.0l The Office of Administration is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Federal employee parking and ridesharing program.

.02 The Chief, FMD has the delegated responsibility for administering the Federal employee parking and ridesharing program.

.03 The Chief, Building Management Branch (OA342), FMD, is the focal point for Federal employee parking and ridesharing matters, and shall:

a. serve as a technical advisor for all agency employee parking and ridesharing programs;

b. review and evaluate the agency parking and ridesharing programs and the achievement of annual ridesharing goals;

c. collect data and prepare reports required by the GSA and the DOC;

d. distribute information on the Federal facility ridesharing program to ridesharing coordinators;

e. designate an employee transportation coordinator for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area other than the HCHB and maintain an agency master file of assistant transportation coordinators by name, organization, mailing address, and telephone number; and

f. control Silver Spring Metro Center (SSMC) parking by:

  1. designating the number and location of official and visitor parking spaces;
  2. allocating a number of parking spaces to LOs located in the SSMC in accordance with established policy.
  3. controlling the number, time limitation, and similar administrative details of visitor parking spaces;
  4. reviewing and approving employee car and vanpool applications for parking in the SSMC garage;
  5. arranging for the ticketing and/or removal of illegally parked vehicles in the SSMC garage in accordance with policies set forth in this Order and the FPMR; and
  6. providing procedures for filing application for parking spaces and the payment procedures after issuance of a permit. (See Form CD-307, Carpool Application Form, and Form CD-307A, Application for Commerce Court Parking.)

.04 Line Offices shall be responsible for implementation of the Federal employee parking program in their organizations, and shall:

These plans shall include procedures to:

  1. assign controlled parking facilities or those available from other agencies to employees of field offices;
  2. prepare and maintain records and report required by the FPMR;
  3. distribute information on carpooling/vanpooling incentives and programs to increase employee awareness for participation in carpool/vanpool arrangements or using mass transportation to commute; and
  4. assist employees in using carpool/vanpool/mass transit to commute.

b. assign parking spaces allocated to their program office; (These assignments shall comply with the policies and priorities set forth in Section 4.01 of this Order. Parking spaces allocated by GSA or other agencies to field offices or other facilities shall include parking assignments to handicapped employees, vanpools, carpools, executive personnel, and employees scheduled for shift work.); and

c. appoint an assistant transportation coordinator at each facility other than the HCHB and SSMC who shall coordinate and/or manage transportation issues collectively with the employee transportation coordinator located in the Building Management Branch (BMB), FMD. (The coordinator shall distribute current information about public transit services to the employees and operate a carpool and vanpool matching service. A list of assistant transportation coordinators designated by the LOs shall be provided to BMB and updated as changes occur.)




Director, Office of Administration

Office of Primary Interest:
Office of Administration
Procurement, Grants and Administrative Services Office
Facilities Management Division
Building Management Branch (OA342)