NAO 212-12A: Telecommunications Standards: NOAA Interoperability Profile

**Revocation Notice**

Issued 07/16/93; Effective 12/03/08,Revoked: 12/03/08

NAO 212-12A: Telecommunications Standards: NOAA Interoperability Profile PDF


Revocation Notice for NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 212-12A, Telecommunications Standards: NOAA Interoperability Profile, dated July 16, 1993.


This Revocation Notice revokes NAO 212-12A, Telecommunications Standards: NOAA InteroperabilityProfile. This NAO was created during the government-wide convergence on the GO SIP (Government Open System Interconnection Protocol) standard and the provision of telecommunication services solely through FTS2000. Over the 15 years since issuance of this NAO, numerous technological and market developments, along with new federal infonnation resources management statutes, policies, and best practices, have rendered it obsolete. These developments include:

.01 The exponential utilization of the Internet, which drove market-generated technical standards that evolved from the networking technical standards existing in 1993;

.02 The Clirtger-Cohen Act and Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act and 15 years of government experience with omnibus contracts such as FTS2000 and its progeny, Networx,led to the emergence of comprehensive technical standards implemented through consolidated acquisition methods; and,

.03 The Clinger-Cohen Act established the Office of the Chief Information Officer and that Office's responsibility for management of agency infonnation technology through the development of the information technology enterprise architecture.


For further information, contact Robert Swisher, Director, OPPA, OCIO, 301-713-3555 ext. 210.


The above referenced Order dated July 16, 1993, is hereby revoked. An electronic copy of this Revocation Notice will be posted in place of the revoked Order on the NOAA Office of the Chief Administrative Officer website.


William F. Broglie
Chief Administrative Officer
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer


NAO 212A - Network Advisory Board Charter

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Office of Administration
Information Systems and Finance Office
Systems Division
Telecommunications and ADP Security Branch (OA124)