NOAA Administrative Orders

Chapter 212 – Automatic Technology Processing
NAO Subject Effective Date Last Reviewed Date Office of Responsibility
212-10 Telecommunications Planning, Acquisition, and Management Effective: 08/13/92   Office of The Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
212-10A Telecommunications Management - Telephone Use Policy Effective: 07/22/99   Office of The Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
212-12 ADP and Telecommunications Standards Effective: 05/30/91   Office of The Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
212-13 NOAA Information Technology Security Policy Effective: 03/07/03   NOAA Chief Information Officer (CIO) NOAA IT Security Office
212-14(1) INTERNET SERVICES RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: SERVICE ACQUISITION, SECURITY, ADDRESS AND NAME SERVICES Effective: 05/30/96 05/30/96 Office of Finance and Administration Information Systems and Finance Office Systems Division Telecommunications and ADP Security Branch
212-15 Management of Environmental Data and Information Effective: 11/04/10   NOAA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
212-16 Policy on NOAA Observing Systems Portfolio Management Effective: 11/1/2016 11/1/2016 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Environment Prediction and Prediction (AS/EOP)